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At Alberta Best Insurance, we make it our priority to work with you to find the right car insurance protection for the best price. Insurance can be confusing from deciding what you would like your deductibles to be, to what kind of coverage best suits your needs. That is why we have a team of experienced brokers ready to help and educate you on the different options available.

We provide coverage for cars, trucks, classic cars, motorcycles, snowmobiles, ATVs, motorhomes, trailers and boats.

Regardless of your driving record or type of vehicle, Alberta Best Insurance will offer you the best insurance coverage for the best price possible. For a no obligation competitive car insurance quote, please contact one of our experienced brokers today or complete our online quote request form.

Alberta Best Guarantee

Excellent Personal Service
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Flexible Payment Options
Licensed insurance professionals
In-depth market knowledge
Objective advice
Competitive quotes
Claims assistance
Excellent product knowledge
Over 35 years of experience

How to choose the right car insurance?

We can save you time and money by shopping around for the best insurance rate for you. We also have the experience to help walk you through how your deductible, type of coverage and various discounts can affect your premium.

Insurance companies target different types of clients. How do I know I have choose the right company?”

All of our contracts have been strategically chosen by our knowledgable staff to accommodate all types of drivers.

At Alberta Best Insurance, we ensure your personal watercraft has the proper protection it needs, from the trailer used to tow it to the lake and the boat itself. Even if you have your boat in storage for winter, it is important to keep your watercraft protected against the unexpected year round. Our brokers will help find you a policy customized to suit your specific needs, so you can relax and enjoy your time on the water.

We offer a variety of motorcycle insurance for any experience level. From new driver to a seasoned experienced driver and whether you are cruising, touring or sporting we will design a policy that will fit your specific needs.

When hitting the road to see the world or just on a short journey to cottage country you want to insure you have the best insurance coverage possible. Our experienced brokers will help you find the proper coverage for all of your Motor Home, Fifth Wheel, Travel Trailer, Tent Trailer, Truck Camper or Park Model so you have the peace of mind that you are properly protected before leaving for your weekend or holiday adventure.

We have over 30 years of experience of protecting these recreational vehicles in your You can bundle these items in with your other insurance policies to receive additional discounts. Coverage is available to cover both the vehicles themselves and the trailers used to tow them to your destination.

We know that when you own a classic or collector car that you have specific insurance needs. We have a specialized program available for a large range of classic/ vintage collector cars to provide insurance that is reasonably priced. These packages are tailored to meet the needs, usage and interests of car enthusiasts who take pride in protecting these valued vehicles. Collector car insurance is specialized to gear towards protecting the value of your vehicle.

Discounts are applied to:

Bundles (combined home and auto insurance)
Multiple Vehicles
Good driving record
Driving school discounts for young drivers
Drivers over 50 or experienced driver discounts
Conviction Free Drivers
Some Occupations- Professional Affiliations
Payment Plans:

We also have a variety of payment plans designed to best suit you. Ranging from one upfront annual payment to monthly automatic withdrawals.

“My car has been stolen. How will I get to work?”

In the event that something happens to your vehicle Alberta Best Insurance offers rental vehicle coverage to ensure minimal disruption during the claim process.

“I have had payment problems in the past and now my current insurance company is telling me no one will give me a payment plan. Is this true? What can I do? ”

At Alberta Best Insurance we have internal financing available. Our plans are flexible and can accommodate almost everyone. Contact us for more information.

Auto Insurance FAQ

What factors affect my insurance premium?

A number of factors affect you insurance premium and are taken into consideration when calculating your premium. Including the following:

  • Your driving experience
  • At fault accidents or convictions
  • The use of the vehicle
  • Where you live
  • How many people regularly drive the vehicle
  • The type of vehicle you drive
  • Safety features of the vehicle
  • The type of coverage you choose

How do I lower my insurance costs?

There are many discounts, optional coverages and deductible options that can aid in reducing your insurance costs. Including the following:

  • A good driving record including claims and convictions free
  • Selecting a higher deductible which will reduce your collision and comprehensive premiums
  • Loyalty to your insurance company
  • Short commute distance to work
  • Professional occupation discount
  • Declining optional coverages which you may not require on an older vehicle
  • Multi policy (home and auto insurance bundled)
  • Driving school discount for young drivers
  • Drivers over 50 or experienced drivers

What is a deductible and how does it work?

A deductible is the amount you will be responsible to pay in the event of collision or comprehensive loss. This is the amount the insurance company deducts from the total amount of the damage claimed and the insurance company will pay the remainder. There are different deductible limits offered. The higher the deductible, the lower your premium. Please be sure to discuss with your broker which deductible options are best suited for you.

What do I do when I have to make a claim?

As your broker we will do our best to make your claims experience as smooth as possible. During regular business hours, please contact our office to notify us about your claim. In the event you are faced with an after hours claims emergency, please refer to the 24/7 emergency claim phone numbers on our website.

My vehicle was in an accident. What are my options for getting the damage appraised?

After a claim, you deserve to have your vehicle repaired quickly, properly and the repair work guaranteed. Our quality Insurance Companies use a national network of high quality repair shops which they stand behind and guaranty the repairs. They will encourage you to choose a repair shop they recommend to have your damage appraised and repaired quickly. You do have the option to select a repair shop of your choice to have your vehicle damage appraised and repaired. You should inquire with the repair shop you choose about the guaranty and warranty of their repair work.

If my vehicle was involved in an accident how does rental coverage work?

Should your vehicle become not drivable as a result of an insured collision loss, the Loss of Use endorsement (SEF 20) will provide reimbursement for reasonable costs incurred for use of a rental vehicle while your vehicle is being repaired or replaced. We recommend that you review your limit of insurance for this endorsement with your broker to ensure you have adequate coverage.

What is accident forgiveness?

Many of our insurance markets offer an optional endorsement to provide coverage for accident forgiveness. This endorsement protects your premium from increasing as a result of a first at fault accident. This endorsement may be purchased for an additional premium and the driver/operator must qualify for the endorsement to be applied.

What is liability coverage?

Third Party Liability coverage pays for injury to others and damage to their property, resulting from an accident that you are at fault for. Every car insurance policy includes liability coverage, to help protect you financially. With some liability awards exceeding $1 million dollars, it is our recommendation that you opt for a minimum of $2,000,000 liability coverage.

What are comprehensive and collision coverage?

Comprehensive coverage provides coverage for fire, theft, vandalism, theft of parts, and other losses that are not insured under collision coverage. Collision coverage provides physical damage coverage for your vehicle in the event of a collision with another vehicle, person or object.

What are comprehensive and collision coverage?

Comprehensive coverage provides coverage for fire, theft, vandalism, theft of parts, and other losses that are not insured under collision coverage. Collision coverage provides physical damage coverage for your vehicle in the event of a collision with another vehicle, person or object.

What is Limited Glass Endorsement?

Limited Glass endorsement (SEF 13D) excludes coverage for chips and cracks to your windows, which also aids in reducing your comprehensive premium if you purchase this endorsement. However, this endorsement still provides coverage for specific perils such as fire, lightning, theft, or attempt threat, windstorm, earthquake, hail, explosion, riot or civil commotion, and rising water, for all glass on a vehicle and in addition vandalism to windows other than vandalism to the front windshield.

Is there full replacement cost coverage for my brand new vehicle?

Insurance companies do not offer full replacement of a brand new vehicle in the event of a total loss. They offer an endorsement coverage, known as Limited Waiver of Depreciation (SEF 43R) which removes the right to deduct depreciation from the purchase price on your bill of sale. With the purchase of this endorsement you will be reimbursed for the original purchase price of the vehicle. To be eligible to purchase this endorsement, the insured must be the original owner of the vehicle and the vehicle must be less than 30 months old. Demonstrator vehicles with less than 5000 km may also qualify for this coverage.

Who can drive my vehicle?

Any person with a valid driver’s license who has your permission may drive your vehicle. However, if they are involved in an at fault accident this may affect your insurance premiums because the insurance follows the vehicle and not the driver. If any person regularly drives your vehicle or is a licensed driver in your home, you should inquire with your broker whether they should be added to your policy.

Is someone else allowed to borrow my vehicle?

If you allow a person with a valid drivers license to borrow your vehicle you are lending them your insurance. It is your automobile insurance policy that will respond in the event of an insured loss. Should the loss be a chargeable claim it is your policy premiums that will be affected.

Does my insurance include insurance coverage on a rental car while on vacation?

You can purchase the Legal Liability for Non Owned Autos endorsement (SEF 27). This endorsement extends physical damage coverage to the vehicle you are renting for a maximum 30 day period. This saves you from buying insurance from the rental car company. Coverage is limited to the insured and listed drivers on the policy only and has a limit of insurance that is applied. This endorsement is only valid in Canada & Continental United States. Please inquire to your broker to confirm you are adequately covered if planning on renting a vehicle.

Can I drive my car in the United States?

You are insured to drive in the United States. It is recommended that you consider a minimum of $2 million third party liability, especially if you regularly drive to the United States. This is due to the fact that in the United Sates they have different liability laws than we do in Canada.

Does my car insurance cover me while I am hauling my recreational vehicle or watercraft with my utility trailer?

The third party liability from your automobile policy will extend at no extra cost from the vehicle you are hauling your trailer with. However, any physical damage to the trailer, recreational vehicle or watercraft is not covered. Physical damage for those items you’re hauling including the utility trailer must be purchased under separate coverage.

The above are general guidelines and may not apply in all cases. Every case is unique and proper advice should be attained from your insurance representative. Please contact your broker for further information.

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Had insurance with this company years ago and will go back once my auto/home are up for renewal. There was a reporting error that I needed corrected and this team went all out to help me even though they were not obligated to reduce the fee owed for a customer they had not had for several years. I was so impressed by their exceptional customer service (manager of this location was very kind) they just won my business back by their award winning kindness, compassion, friendliness and willingness to go the extra mile. Thanks to the whole team at Alberta Best.

Mark VanDeBerg

Edmonton renters insurance

Alberta Best is truly the best insurance brokerage I’ve ever dealt with. I was so pleased with their service I moved all of my business and personal insurance over to them a few years ago. All of the personnel is very responsive, always happy to help out, and I love the practical advice I get from them. I recommend Alberta Best Protek to anybody who asks.

Gordon Leaf

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The people who work there are not overly friendly, but they really know their stuff. Definitely worth going to.

Sarah Kennedy

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Found manager very helpful and went out of her way to find information we needed. Will definitely return for all our registry needs. Thanks

Kelly Chartrand

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Wonderful Staff: Can’t say enough great stuff about the people at this business. I recommend them every chance I get. Jennifer Hessian is a superstar!

Tina Fisher

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Over the years we’ve always had prompt, professional service from AB Best.

Devon Phillips

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I have been a customer of Alberta Best Protect Insurance for the last 20 years. This summer we had an unfortunate accident. The team at Alberta Best were supportive and helpful during this process. All issues were easily resolved over the phone and via email. I was most grateful for all of their help during this stressful time. Thank you Alberta Best!

Susan Johnstone

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Cathy was simply amazing!! She was able to cut our insurance in half!! For the same coverage. So glad a friend referred me to her. Cathy is knowledgeable, efficient, through, and definitely works for her clients!!

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