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Home insurance is a must, and your policy will provide you with protection and peace of mind. While you may be aware of your home insurance’s common aspects, you may not know about some of the lesser-known events your policy covers. The following are some weird things that your home insurance may cover:

1. Mysterious Disappearance

Have you ever had something one day but not the next.  Did the item just get up and walk out of the house.  Well if you have purchased the right insurance policy it’s covered.

2. Dog Bites

Many homeowner’s claims are due to dog bites because this happens more than you think, and if your dog were to bite somebody, the liability portion of your policy would protect you if you get sued. While there are liability limits, home insurance generally covers dog bite legal liability expenses, but you have to pay close attention to your policy as some insurance companies will not offer coverage for certain bog breeds. 

3. Falling Meteors and Space Debris

This may sound very strange, but the reality is that homes have been damaged by a meteor or debris falling from the sky, so it doesn’t hurt to have this type of coverage. Your home insurance policy will cover such damages to your property and cars, and while this situation is not very likely, it’s good to know that you would be protected. 

4. Damage from Planes and Cars

This, too, is not a situation that happens often, but planes can crash in residential areas, and this has happened before, so it’s good to know that such damage is covered under most home insurance policies. A plane crash would lead to property damage, as would a car that loses control and hits a house and any damage or injuries caused by planes or cars would be covered.

5. Accidents That Happen Whenever You’re Away from Home

If someone steals something or breaks into your car while you’re away on a trip, your home insurance policy may cover such damages or stolen items. Your home insurance policy would also cover you if you accidentally injure another person while on vacation or when you’re not at home. 

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